Madrigals Masterpieces, Vol. 1

Madrigals Masterpieces, Vol. 1
The Renaissance in France, Italy and England (aka in Germany: Berühmte Madrigale der Renaissance)
Deller Consort - Alfred Deller, dir.
Vanguard « The Bach Guild » BG-604 [LP, mono]
Vanguard « The Bach Guild » BGS-5031 [LP, stereo]
Vanguard 1 C 063-91 322 [LP, Germany]
Vanguard Classics (Arcade) « The Bach Guild » 08 2000 71 [CD, Europe]
Vanguard Classics (Arcade) 08 5061 71 [CD, Europe]
Vanguard Classics (Omega) « The Bach Guild » OVC 2000 [CD, NA]


    Clément Janequin: 31 Chansons Musicales, Attaignant, 1529
  1. Ce moys de may

  2. Clément Janequin: Attaignant, c. 1537
  3. La bataille de Marignan (aka La Guerre)

  4. Clément Janequin: Attaignant, 1529
  5. Au joly boys

  6. Orlando di Lasso: Chansons a 5, 1560
  7. Mon coeur se recommande à vous

  8. Orlando di Lasso: Villanelle, Moresche, et altre canzoni, 1581
  9. Matona mia cara

  10. Luca Marenzio: Third Book of Madrigals for five voices, 1582
  11. Scaldava il sol

  12. Claudio Monteverdi / Guarini (t)
    Published in Madrigali, libro primo, Venice, 1587

  13. Baci soavi e cari (sv27)

  14. William Byrd: Psalms, Sonets & Songs of Sadness and Pietie, 1588
  15. Lullaby, my sweet little baby

  16. Claudio Monteverdi / T. Tasso (t)
    Published in Il secondo libro de' madrigali, Venice, 1590

  17. Ecco mormorar l'onde (sv51)

  18. Thomas Morley: The First Booke of Balletts to Five Voyces (1595)
  19. iii: Now is the month maying

  20. Carlo Gesualdo: Fourth Book of Madrigals for five voices, 1596
  21. Ecco morirò dunque
    Hai, gia mi disco loro

  22. Claudio Monteverdi / Guarini (t)
    Published in Il quarto libro de' madrigali, Venice, 1603

  23. A un giro sol de bell'occhi lucenti (sv84)
  24. Non più guerra, pietate (sv88)

  25. Claudio Monteverdi / ?Rinuccini (t)
    Published in Il quarto libro de' madrigali, Venice, 1603

  26. Sfogava con le stelle (sv78)

  27. Thomas Tomkins: Songs or Madrigal for five voices 1622
  28. When David heard that Absalon was slain

Playing time: 50' 12"

The Deller Consort:
Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Wilfred Brown (tenor), Gerald English (tenor), Maurice Bevan (baritone), Geoffry Colleby (bass), Eileen Poulter (soprano), Mary Thomas (soprano)
Alfred Deller, dir.

Recording site and date:
Europe [07/1959]

This LP was also issued in a 3-LPs album Vanguard « The Bach Guild » BG-604, 639, 671 Madrigal Masterpieces
Musical Concepts MC 196 [CDx6 + CD-ROM] Alfred Deller « The Complete Vanguard Recordings », Volume FIVE: English, French and Italian Madrigals

[1]-[4] Vanguard classics « Everyman » SRV 298 SD [LP] Songs of Birds, Battle and Love, and the Flowering of the French Chanson
[3]-[4], [7], [9], [11] Vanguard Classics (Silverminds Music) 99 220 [CD] 50 years of The Deller Consort - The early years 1955-1963.

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 409-188 (nov. 1994)

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