Christmas songs vol. III

Carols and Motets for the Nativity of Medieval and Tudor England
The Deller Consort - Alfred Deller, dir. & Musica Antiqua, Vienna - René Clemencic, dir.
Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG-654 [LP, mono]
Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BGS-5066 [LP, stereo]
Vanguard "The Bach Guild" VTC 1694 [Reel tape, 4 tracks]


    Band I

    Guilelmus Monachus
  1. Gymel (instr.)

  2. Anon.
  3. Nowell, nowell: Tidings true

  4. Roy Henry (Henry VIII?)
  5. Sanctus (instr.)
  6. Band II

  7. Blessed be Thou, Heavenly Queen

  8. Anon.
  9. Qui natus est

  10. Anon.
  11. Burden and Carol (instr.)
  12. Band III

  13. Nova! nova!

  14. Anon.
  15. Angelus ad virginem (instr.)

  16. Anon.
  17. Hail, Mary full of grace

  18. ----

    Band IV

    Richard Smert
  19. In die nativitas

  20. Anon.
  21. There is no rose of such virtue

  22. John Dunstable
  23. Kyrie (instr.)
  24. Band V

    Richard Pygott
  25. Quid petis o fili
  26. Band VI

  27. Carol: I saw (instr.)

  28. Anon.
  29. Nowell, nowell: Out of your sleep

  30. Guilelmus Monachus
  31. Fauxbourdon (instr.)

  32. John Dunstable
  33. Quam pulchra es

Playing time: 52' 20"

The Deller Consort
Honor Sheppard (soprano), Robert Tear (tenor), Mark Deller (counter-tenor), Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Maurice Bevan (baritone) - Alfred Deller, dir.
Musica Antiqua, Vienna
(recorders, mandora, cornetto, trombone, pommer, krummhorn, fiddle, organ, bells, drums)
René Clemencic, dir.

Recording site and date:
Mozartsaal & Grossersaal, Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria [05/1963];
Rel.: 1963

Vanguard (Omega ) "The Bach Guild" OVC 8050/3 [CDx4] A Celebration of Christmas - Carols through the Ages.
Musical Concepts MC 192 [CDx4 + CD-ROM] Alfred Deller – The Complete Vanguard Recordings, Volume THREE: Christmas Carols and Motets

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