Handel - Alexander's Feast

George Frideric Handel - Oratorio: Alexander's Feast
Sheppard, Worthley, Bevan & Oriana Concert Choir and Orchestra - Alfred Deller, dir.
Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG-666 / 67 [LPx2, mono, NA]
Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG-70666 / 67 [LPx2, stereo, NA]
Vanguard "Everyman classics" SRV 282 / 3 SD [LPx2]
Philips A04315-16L [LPx2, mono, Europe]
Philips 838.215-16 AY [LPx2, stereo, Europe]
Vanguard "The Bach Guild" Historical Anthology of Music HM 50 / 51 SD [LPx2]
Harmonia mundi HM 5104 / 05 [LPx2]
Vanguard Classics (Arcade) 08 9057 72 [CDx2, Europe]


    George Frideric Handel: Oratorio G Alexander's Feast »


  1. Overture
    1. Maestoso
    2. Allegro ma non troppo
    3. Andante
  2. Recitative (tenor): 'Twas at the royal feast
  3. Air and Chorus (tenor, followed by chorus and solo): Happy, happy, happy
  4. Recitative (tenor): Timotheus, plac'd on high
  5. Accompanied recitative (soprano): The song began
  6. Chorus (andante): The list'ning crowd
  7. Air (soprano, allegro ma non presto): With ravish'd ears
  8. Recitative (tenor): The praise of Bacchus
  9. Air and Chorus (bass followed by chorus, andante): Bacchus, ever fair
  10. Recitative (tenor): Sooth'd with the sound
  11. Accompanied recitative (soprano, adagio e piano): He chose a mournful Muse
  12. Air (soprano, large e piano): He sung Darius
  13. Accompanied recitative (soprano): With downcast looks
  14. Chorus (larghetto): Behold Darius
  15. Recitative (tenor): The mighty master smil'd
  16. Air (soprano, largo): Softly sweet in Lydian measures
  17. Air (tenor, andante allegro): War, he sung, is toil and trouble
  18. Chorus (andante): The many rend the skies
  19. Air (soprano) and Chorus (allegro moderato): The Prince, unable to conceal
  20. Chorus da capo: The many rend the skies
  21. LP/CD-2

  22. Accompanied recitative (tenor) and Chorus: Now strike the golden Lyre again
  23. Chorus (allegro ma non troppo): Break his bands of sleep asunder
  24. Air (bass, andante allegro): Revenge, revenge
  25. Aria (largo): Behold, a ghastly band
  26. Air (da capo); Revenge, revenge
  27. Accompanied recitative (tenor): Give the vengeance due
  28. Air (tenor, allegro): The princes applaud
  29. Air (soprano) and chorus (andante larghetto): Thais led the way
  30. Accompanied recitative (tenor) and Chorus: Thus, long ago
  31. Chorus: At last divine Cecilia came
  32. Recitative (tenor and bass): Let old Timotheus yield the prize
  33. Chorus and soloists (andante - allegro): Let old Timotheus yield the prize

Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Honor Sheppard (soprano), Max Worthley (tenor), Maurice Bevan (bass)
Oriana Concert Choir and Orchestra
Alfred Deller, dir.

Playing time (from CD): 62' 57" + 34' 00" = 1h 36' 57"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1964 or prior];
rel.: 1965 (BG), 1968 (SRV)

Vanguard Classics OVC 8113 / 14 George Frideric Handel: Alexander's Feast & Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne
Musical Concepts MC 195 [CDx6 + CD-ROM] Alfred Deller « The Complete Vanguard Recordings », Volume FOUR: Music of Handel Bach and English Renaissance

[1], [7], [9], [12], [17]-[18], [23], [29]-[32] Harmonia mundi HM 40.5145 [Cass.] Le Festin d'Alexandre (short version)

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 103-18 (jan. 1966), 399-144 (dec. 1993)

Information from CD; also from Pascal Charlier (Philips A04315-16L).

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