Royal fanfare

Royal fanfare
Canadian Brass
Boot "Master Concert series" BMC 3001 [LP]
Boot "Master Concert series" 5BMC 3001 [Cass.]
Boot "Master Concert series" 8BMC 3001 [Cass., 8-tracks]
Radio Canada International RCI 403 [LP]
Vanguard VSD 71 254 [LP]
Vanguard CV 71 254 [Cass.]
Vanguard 71 254 [CD]


    Josquin Desprez, arr. Robert King
  1. Royal fanfare

  2. Johan Pezel
  3. Intradas I
    Intradas III
    Intradas X
    Intrada XIII

  4. Morley Calvert
  5. Chanson mélancolique

  6. Samuel Scheidt ; arr. Verne Reynolds
  7. Galliard battaglia

  8. Claude Le Jeune, arr. Irving Rosenthal
  9. Revecy venir du printans

  10. J.S. Bach, arr. Irving Rosenthal
  11. Fantasie in C

  12. Rafael Mendez, arr. Darryl Eaton
  13. La virgin de la Macarena

  14. J.S. Bach ; arr. Canadian Brass & R. Godden
  15. Fugue in G minor

  16. Anthony Holborne, arr. John Glasel
  17. Muy Linda: galliard

  18. William McCauley
  19. Miniature overture

  20. Giovanni Gabrieli, arr. Arnold Fromme
  21. Canzona prima a cinque

  22. Samuel Scheidt, arr. Verne Reynolds
  23. Canzon aechiopican

  24. Scott Joplin ; arr. C. Daellenbach
  25. Pleasant moments
    The favorite: two rags

Playing time: ??' ??"

Canadian Brass

Recording site and date:
St. James Cathedral, Toronto, ON, Canada [1973 or prior]; rel. (CD): 1991

Excerpts: [1]-[2], [4], [9], [11] RCA 68 108 [CD] Renaissance Men
[1]-[3], [8], [10], [13] Radio Canada International, MS-10823/4 [LP] Distinguished Canadian artists and ensembles

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Information from IUCAT and National Library of Canada

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