A Concert of Early Music

A Concert of Early Music
Musica Reservata of London
Vanguard Classics VSD-71223 [LP]
Vanguard (Omega) Classics SVC 96 [CD]


    Anon., French, mid-16th c.:
  1. Pavana la bataille

  2. Anon., French, early 15th c.:
  3. L'homme armé

  4. Robert Morton:
  5. Il sera pour vous conbatu / l'home armé

  6. John Dunstable:
  7. O Rosa bella

  8. Anon., English, late 16th c.:
  9. Galliard after Lavecha

  10. Anon., English, mid-16th c.:
  11. Blame Not My Lute

  12. Anon., English, 14th c.:
  13. Patrie pacis

  14. Anon., French, 13th c.:
  15. Amor potest / ad amorem

  16. Anon., Italian, mid-15th c.:
  17. Aime sospiri

  18. Azzaiolo:
  19. Chi passa per sta strada

  20. Anon., German, 16th c.:
  21. Hoftanz und Hupfauff

  22. Ludwig Senfl;
  23. Es Taget vor dem Walde

  24. Anon., German, 16th c.:
  25. Es Taget vor dem Walde

  26. Certon:
  27. J'ay le rebours

  28. Joan Dalza:
  29. Tastar de corde:; Recercar

  30. Anon., French, 16th c.:
  31. Belle qui tiens ma vie

  32. Raimbaut de Vaqueiras:
  33. Kalenda Maya

  34. Anon., French, 13th c.:
  35. Danse royale

  36. Claudin de Sermisy:
  37. Dont vient cela

  38. Anon., English, early 15th c.:
  39. Me Lykyth Ever

  40. Othmayr:
  41. Mir ist ein schönst brauns Maidelein

  42. Anon., late 15th or early 16th c.:
  43. Amors, Amors

  44. Anon., 15th c.:
  45. Tant apart

  46. Walter Frye:
  47. Tout a par moy

  48. Anon., Italian, 13th or 14th c.:
  49. Saltarello

Playing time: 46' 16"

Members of the Musica Reservata of London
[Vocal Consort: John Dudley (tenor), Edgar Fleet (tenor), Jantina Noorman (mezzo-soprano), David Thomas (bass) &
Musicians John Beckett (organ, tambourine), Roger Brenner (sackbut), Desmond Dupré (rebec, viol), Brian Gulland (crumhorn), Richard Harvey (crumhorn), Trevor Herbert (sackbut), Trevor Jones (rebec), Michael Laird (trumpet), John Leach (psaltery), Catherine Mackintosh (rebec), Jeremy Montagu (percussion), Anthony Rooley (lute), Adam Skeaping (rebec, viol, violone), Eleanor Sloan (rebec, viol), Don Smithers (trumpet), John Sothcott (vielle), Bernard Thomas (crumhorn, rauschpfeiff), James Tyler (lute, viol), Brian Wilson (harp)] - Michael Morrow, dir.

Recording site and date:
Conway Hall, London, UK [1972], rel. ca 1978 for LP, 1998 for CD.

Other releases:
Curiously the first issue was released at least 5 years after the recording date; no previous release found in The Gramophone or Gramophone catalogue.

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Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
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Information from owned CD. Information about the original issue kindly provided by David Samuel Barr.

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