Robert Shaw conducts Christmas hymns and carols, vol. 2

Robert Shaw conducts Christmas hymns and carols, vol. 2
The Robert Shaw Chorale – Robert Shaw, dir.
RCA Victor « Red Seal Records » WDM 1711 [45rpm x 4, mono, 17cm]
RCA Victor « Red Seal Records » LM 1711 [LP, mono]
RCA « Victrola » VIC 1509


  1. Band 1
      Trad., English
    1. I saw three ships

    2. Trad., German
    3. O Tannenbaum (in German & English)

    4. Guillaume Costeley
    5. Allons, gay, gay bergeres

    6. Trad., English
    7. The holly and the ivy
  2. Band 2
      Trad., Spanish
    1. Fum, fum, fum (in English)
    2. Hacia belé va un borrilo
    3. Ya viene la vieja
    4. La virgen lava pañales
  3. Band 3
      Kentucky mountain ballad
    1. The cherry tree carol

    2. Negro spiritual
    3. Mary had a baby

    4. Trad., Lullaby, English, 16th c.
    5. So Blest a Sight
  4. Band 4
      Anon., adapt. from italian carol
    1. How unto Bethlehem

    2. William Billings (edited by Oliver Daniel)
    3. A virgin unspotted

    4. Trad., English
    5. The twelve days of Christmas

  5. Band 5
      Anon., arr. J.M. Neale
    1. Good King Wenceslas

    2. English secular carol
    3. The boar's head carol

    4. Trad,. German
    5. Christ was born on Christmas day

    6. Trad. English / Francis Chesterton
    7. How far is it to Bethlehem
  6. Band 6
      Trad., French
    1. March of the kings

    2. Anon.
    3. Here, mid the ass and the oxen mild

    4. Provencal carol / Nicolas Saboly
    5. Touro-louro-louro
  7. Band 7
      Trad., Spanish
    1. Carol of the birds

    2. Tomás Luis de Vittoria
    3. O magnum mysterium
  8. Band 8
      English tune "Greensleeves" / W.C. Dix
    1. What child is this

    2. Trad., French / William Morris
    3. Masters in this hall

    4. Johann Sebastian Bach: Christmas Oratorio
    5. Break forth, o beauteous, heavenly light

Playing time: ??' ??"

The Robert Shaw Chorale
Evelyn Aring (soprano), Yvonne Ciannella (soprano), Marjean Moore (soprano), Louise Marale (soprano), Lois Winter (soprano), Florence Kopleff (contralto), Russell Hammer (tenor). Clayton Krehbiel (tenor), Russell Oberlin (tenor), Farrold Stephens (tenor), Walrer Galjour (baritone), Calvin Marsh (baritone), Thonas Pyle (baritone), Peter Maravell (bass)
Robert Shaw, cond.

Recording site and date:
Unknown (Manhattan Center, New York City, USA ?) [ca 1952];
Rel.: 1952 (RCA), 1970 (Victrola)

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Information from LC
The 45rpm release includes four discs: Nos 49-3947, 49-3948, 49-3949, 49-3950 (automatic coupling).
Also called "Merry Christmas from Robert Shaw", "Christmas Greetings from Robert Shaw" and in 1970, "Now We Go A-Caroling: A Christmas Sing-In". A subset of this recording, with some additional tracks, was released as "Songs for Christmas Time". This recording is included in the Musical Heritage Society/BMG 1994 re-issue called "Christmas with the Robert Shaw Chorale". (from Robert Shaw Discography:

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