Monteverdi - de Machault - Jannequin

Monteverde (sic) - de Machault - Jannequin
Baritone with orchestra In Italian / Tenor with Harp and Lute In French
Reinald Werrenrath / Lambert Murphy
Victor 45083 (mx: 45083A / 45083B (B 15594-4)) [78rpm, 25cm, acoustic]


    Claudio Monteverdi: Orfeo
  1. Tu se' morta (Thou Art Dead)

  2. ----
    Guillaume de Machaut:
  3. Douce Dame jolie

  4. Clément Jannequin (Wekerlin's Collection, Echos du temps passé)
  5. L'espoir que j'ai

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1] Reinald Werrenrath (baritone, 1883-1953)
[2]-[3] Lambert Murphy (tenor; 1885-1954), with Francis Lapitino (harp), Carline (lute)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [early 1915];
Rel.: 1916

[1] Cantilena CR 6233 [LP] Famous Voices of the Past

Information from owned 78rpm. I believe this is a first recording of a Machaut song and probably the second EM (excluding baroque era with Landowska) recording; the first one being probably Victor 17290 with Reinald Werrenrath (de Coucy & Reuenthal).
The names of accompanists don't appear on the label. The reference is Lawrence Earp «Guillaume de Machaut: A guide to Research», p. 445. He also mentions a matrix number (B 15594-4), but no such number appears on my copy; maybe it is under the label!
For approximate date of recording and release: The Almost Complete 78 RPM Record Dating Guide (II) by Steven C. Barr, p. 36 & 40
The reference in the "excerpts" section is from NSA; Cantilena has been a canadian record company (mid 60's-70's).

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Hymn and Lament for Charlemagne
Reinald Werrenrath
Victor 55072 (mx: unknown) [78rpm, 25cm, acoustic]

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