Purcell: viol consort music

Purcell: Fantazias & In Nomines
Virgin Veritas 45062


  1. Fantazia No. 4 in G minor (à 4)
  2. Fantazia No. 5 in Bb major (à 4)
  3. Fantazia No. 6 in F major (à 4)
  4. Fantazia No. 7 in C minor (à 4)
  5. Fantazia No. 8 in D minor (à 4)
  6. Fantazia No. 9 in A minor (à 4)
  7. Fantazia No. 10 in E minor (à 4)
  8. Fantazia No. 11 in G major (à 4)
  9. Fantazia No. 12 in D minor (à 4)
  10. Fantazia No. 1 in D minor (à 3)
  11. Fantazia No. 2 in F major (à 3)
  12. Fantazia No. 3 in G minor (à 3)
  13. Fantazia in A minor - incomplete (à 4)
  14. Fantazia "upon one note" (à 5)
  15. In Nomine (à 6)
  16. In Nomine (à 7)

Performers: Wendy Gillespie, Richard Campbell, William Hunt, Julia Hodgson, Susanna Pell, Richard Boothby, Imogen Seth-Smith

Playing time: 55'

Recording date: February 1994

I have to go against the trend on the newsgroup, and say that I think this performance is far more idiomatic than that by Hespèrion XX.

While interesting in their own right, it should be remembered that Purcell's viol fantasias are very early compositions, and are not as mature in style as his later sonatas. However, they are also the last set of consort pieces written in England during the era, and are amazingly elaborate, considering that context. Other post-Restoration instrumental compositions had been relatively restrained, and so by contrast these show Purcell's lofty ambitions even at a young age.

A new recording by Fretwork:

Purcell: The Complete Fantazias
Harmonia Mundi USA 907502

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Todd M. McComb