Byrd: Consort Songs & Music for viols

Byrd: With lilies white
Consort Songs & Music for viols
Gérard Lesne / Wieland Kuijken / Ensemble Orlando Gibbons
Virgin Veritas 45264


  1. O Lord, within thy tabernacle
  2. In Nomine à 5, No. 1
  3. Quis me statim
  4. In Nomine à 5, No. 4
  5. With lilies white
  6. Fantasia à 5
  7. Wretched Albinus
  8. In Nomine à 5, No. 2
  9. Blame I confess
  10. Prelude and Ground à 5
  11. Ye sacred Muses
  12. In Nomine à 5, No. 5
  13. Rejoice unto the Lord
  14. Browning à 5
  15. Fair Britain Isle
  16. In Nomine à 5, No. 3

Performers: Gérard Lesne (alto), Wieland Kuijken (treble viol), Kaori Uemura (treble & tenor viols), Anne-Marie Lasla (tenor viol), Sylvie Moquet (bass viol), Jérôme Hantaï (bass viol)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: January 1996 (Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud)

This program alternates strictly between consort songs and pure instrumental pieces. The songs also tend more toward his sacred oeuvre, and of course in his later publications Byrd freely intermixed themes under the general heading of consort song.

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Todd M. McComb