Dowland songs

The English Orpheus - John Dowland
Emma Kirkby / Anthony Rooley
Virgin Veritas 59521


    The first booke of songes or ayres
  1. Awake, sweet love
  2. Can she excuse my wrongs?
  3. All ye whom love
  4. Dear, if you change
  5. Semper Dowland semper dolens (orpharion)
  6. Mister Dowland's midnight (orpharion)

  7. The second booke of songs or ayres
  8. Sorrow, stay!
  9. Die not before thy day
  10. Mourn! mourn!
  11. Woeful heart
  12. Now cease, my wandering eyes

  13. The third and last booke of songs or ayres
  14. Behold a wonder here
  15. The lowest trees
  16. Me, me, and none but me
  17. Farewell, too fair
  18. Earl of Derby his galliard (orpharion)
  19. Mistress Winter's jump (orpharion)

  20. A pilgrim's solace
  21. Stay, time
  22. Shall I strive
  23. Thou mighty God

Performers: Emma Kirkby (soprano), Anthony Rooley (lute, orpharion)

Playing time: 56'

Recording date: September 1988

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Todd M. McComb