Goe Nightly Cares

Goe Nightly Cares
Dowland: Dances from Lachrimae / Byrd: Consort music & songs
Fretwork / Michael Chance / Christopher Wilson
Virgin Veritas 59586

Reissued in: Virgin "2-for-1" 61561 (2 CDs)


  1. Dowland: The King of Denmarks galiard
  2. Dowland: M. Bucton his galiard
  3. Dowland: The Earle of Essex galiard
  4. Byrd: In nomine No. 1 in 5 parts
  5. Byrd: If women could be fair
  6. Dowland: Sir Henry Uptons funerall
  7. Dowland: M. Nicholas Gryffith his galiard
  8. Dowland: Sir John Souch his galiard
  9. Dowland: Lasso vita mia, mi fa morire
  10. Byrd: In nomine No. 2 in 5 parts
  11. Byrd: Lullaby, my sweet little baby
  12. Dowland: M. John Langtons pavan
  13. Dowland: M. Henry Noell his galiard
  14. Dowland: M. Thomas Collier his galiard
  15. Byrd: In nomine No. 3 in 5 parts
  16. Dowland: Goe nightly cares, the enemy to rest
  17. Dowland: Captaine Piper his galiard
  18. Dowland: M. Giles Hoby his galiard
  19. Byrd: In nomine No. 4 in 5 parts
  20. Byrd: Ah silly soul
  21. Byrd: In nomine No. 5 in 5 parts
  22. Dowland: Mrs. Nichols almand
  23. Dowland: M. George Whitehead his almand
  24. Dowland: Semper Dowland semper dolens
  25. Byrd: Ye sacred muses

Previously issued as: Virgin 91117

Performers: Wendy Gillespie, Richard Campbell, Julia Hodgson, William Hunt, Richard Boothby, Elizabeth Liddle, Michael Chance (countertenor), Christopher Wilson (lute)

Playing time: 75'

Recording date: April 1989

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Todd M. McComb