Monteverdi: Madrigals, Book VI

Monteverdi: Madrigals Book VI (1614)
Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
Virgin 91154
Virgin 574 231
Virgin Veritas 59605


  1. Lamento d'Arianna
  2. Zefiro torna
  3. Una donna fra l'altre
  4. A Dio Florida bella
  5. Sestina. Lagrime d'amante
  6. Ohime il bel viso
  7. Qui rise, o Tirsi
  8. Misero Alceo
  9. Batto, qui pianse
  10. Presso un fiume tranquillo

Performers: Emma Kirkby (soprano), Evelyn Tubb (soprano), Sarah Pendlebury (soprano), Mary Nichols (alto), Paul Agnew (tenor), Andrew King (tenor), Alan Ewing (bass), Tom Finucane (lute), Anthony Rooley (lute), Shirley Rumsey (lute), Michael Fields (chitarrone), David Miller (chitarrone), Chris Wilson (chitarrone), Erin Headley (lirone), Frances Kelly (harp), Alan Wilson (organ, harpsichord), Timothy Roberts (harpsichord)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: February 1989 (Forde Abbey)

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