The English Viol

The English Viol
Virgin Veritas "Edition" 61173


  1. A toy - The dark is my delight
  2. Lumley books - Allemande and galliard
  3. Ferrabosco: In Nomine à 5
  4. In paradisum
  5. Holborne: Pavan and Galliard
  6. Byrd: Christe Redemptor
  7. Byrd: In Nomine à 5 no. 4
  8. Byrd: Ah silly soul
  9. Dowland: Lachrimae gementes
  10. Dowland: Semper Dowland semper dolens
  11. Dowland: M. Bucton his Galiard
  12. Ferrabosco: Pavane and Allemand à 5
  13. Gibbons: Fantasia à 6 no. 2
  14. Gibbons: Fantasia à 3
  15. Gibbons: The silver swanne
  16. Gibbons: Fantasia à 2 no. 5
  17. Gibbons: Cryes of London
  18. Lawes: Fantazy for viols à 5 "on the playnesong"
  19. Lawes: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
  20. Lawes: Aire à 6 in G minor
  21. Locke: Suite in F major
  22. Purcell: Fantasia for 4 viols in Bb major
  23. Purcell: Fantasia in Nomine à 6 in G minor

Performers: Richard Boothby, Richard Campbell, Wendy Gillespie, Sarah Groser, Julia Hodgson, William Hunt, Elizabeth Liddle, Jeremy Budd, Michael Chance, Susan Bickley, Harvey Brough, Linda Hirst, John Potter, Richard Wistreich, Catherine Bott

This is a mid-price reissue collection, featuring tracks from earlier Fretwork releases.

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Todd M. McComb