Armada: Music from the courts of Philip II and Elizabeth I
Fretwork / Michael Chance
Virgin Classics 90722


  1. Elway Bevin: Browning (a 3)
  2. Byrd: Carman's Whistle (harpsichord)
  3. Byrd: Come to Me, Grief, for Ever (voice, viols)
  4. Antonio de Cabezón: Diferencias sobre el canto "La Dama Le Demenda" (harpsichord)
  5. Antonio de Cabezón: Diferencias sobre "La Gallarda Milanesa" (harpsichord)
  6. Hernando de Cabezón: Dulce memoria
  7. White: Fantasia (a 4)
  8. Miguel de Fuenllana: Fantasia de redobles (vihuela)
  9. Sebastian Lopez de Velasco: Fantasia
  10. Byrd: In Angel's Weed (voice, viols)
  11. Picforth: In Nomine (a 5)
  12. Fuenllana: Morenica, dame un beso (vihuela)
  13. Parsons: Pour Down, You Pow'rs Divine (voice, viols)
  14. Parsons: No grief is like to mine (voice, viols)
  15. Estaban Daza: Quiente hizo
  16. Ortiz: Recercada segunda sobre "canto llano"
  17. Ortiz: Recercada tercera
  18. Byrd: Rejoice Unto the Lord (voice, viols)
  19. Hernando de Cabezón: Susana un jur

Performers: Wendy Gillespie, Richard Campbell, Julia Hodgson, Elizabeth Liddle, Richard Boothby, William Hunt (viols); Christopher Wilson (lute, vihuela), Michael Chance (countertenor), Paul Nicholson (harpsichord)

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: January 1988

This recording focuses on pieces that may have been heard at the two courts at the time of the Spanish Armada.

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Todd M. McComb