El Órgano Castellano

El Órgano Histórico Español, vol. 9
El Órgano Castellano
Francis Chapelet
Valois 4653 [CD]


  1. Anonyme (XVIth c.): Je vous...
  2. Anonyme (XVIth c.): Sacris Solemnis
  3. Anonyme (XVIth c.): Pour ung plaisir
  4. Soto de Langa: Tiento del Sexto Tono
  5. Soto de Langa: Tiento del Sexto Tono
  6. Antonio de Cabezon: Tiento del Primer Tono
  7. Antonio de Cabezon: Tiento del Primer Tono
  8. Antonio de Cabezon: Tiento del Segundo Tono
  9. Francisco Peraza: Medio registro alto del Primer Tono
  10. Miguel Lopez: Dos versos para la entrada de la "Salve"
  11. Miguel Lopez: Seis versos de medio registro
  12. Francis Chapelet: Improvisation a Abarca
  13. Juan Cabanilles: Tiento por Alamire
  14. Juan Cabanilles: Tiento de Falsas del Quarto Tono
  15. Juan Cabanilles: Pasacalle del Primer Tono
  16. Correa de Arauxo: Tiento pequeno y facil del Septimo Tono
  17. Correa de Arauxo: Tiento de medio registro de Baxon del Noveno Tono
  18. Correa de Arauxo: Tiento de medio registro de dos Tiples del Segundo Tono
  19. Antonio Mestres: Tocata del Sexto Tono
  20. Antonio Mestres: Marcha por Clarines
  21. Francis Chapelet: Improvisation a Frechilla

Instruments: Organ of Abarca de Campos, Organ of Frechilla

Playing time: 69'

Recording date: July 1991

[19] Astrée (Auvidis) E 8500 [CD] España - Anthologie de la Musique espagnole - Anthology of Spanish Music
[19] Astrée (Auvidis) E 8600 [CDx7] España XVe-XXe - Six siècles de musique espagnole

Organ music was always important in Europe during the Renaissance. Italy, France and Spain played a great role for that instrument. This series of 10 CDs dedicated to the Spanish Historical Organs is very important to the comprehension of that music, and a better knowledege of composers like Cabezón, Arauxo or Cabanilles. The choice of Spanish organs is also very important for that illustration, as they have a particular sound perfectly suited to that repertoire of course, and express very well the Spanish spirit. Some of the works here are purely theoretical compositions, others are based on popular songs. The brillance of the organs is shown with the trumpeta real (as in the track 6 or 17). The flutes, violins and oboes are choosen for more meditative works (as in the track 5 or 9). The sound of this two organs is marvelous and will surely invite you to discover the other volumes of this great anthology.

Bruno Cornec

When it comes to Spanish organ music of the era, the rest of the Órgano Histórico Español series is certainly a good place to look. It is very well-conceived and consists of ten volumes (also sold as a boxed set). The final volume presents the 18th century (including Miguel Lopez (1699-1792) of the present recording), whereas the first nine stick basically to the 16th & 17th centuries.

In keeping with his historical stature, the first volume is devoted to Antonio de Cabezón (1510-1566; not to be confused with his son Hernando d.1602 who was famous as both a theorist & composer):

El Órgano Histórico Español - 1
Antonio de Cabezón
Kimberly Marshall
Valois 4645

The most highly regarded composers in the two subsequent generations are Francisco Correa de Arauxo (1575-1654) and Juan Cabanilles (1644-1712). Recordings devoted to each of those two organists:

El Órgano Histórico Español - 2
Francisco Correa de Arauxo
Bernard Foccroulle
Valois 4646
Cabanilles: Organ Music
John Butt
Harmonia Mundi USA 90.7047

Other general organ collections:

Tientos y Glosas en Iberia
Jesús Martín Moro / Ensemble Gilles Binchois - Dominique Vellard
Tempéraments 316014
Spanische Orgelmusic des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts
Reinhold Ix
Querstand 9814
The Golden Age of Spain
Cabezón / Durón / Soler
Irmtraud Kruger / Edward H. Tarr
Chrisophorus 4008
From the Music of the Conquistadors to the Organ Book of the Chiquito Indians
Francis Chapelet / Cristina Garcia Banegas / Norbert Broggini
K617 093/3 (3 CDs)
Early Iberian Organ Music
Robert Parkins
Naxos 8.550705

And a very fine collection performed on the clavichord:

Musique ibérique au clavicorde
Cabezón, Cabanilles, Coelho, Correa de Arauxo, etc.
Ilton Wjuniski
Harmonia Mundi (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis Documenta) 905236

And another broad collection of some of this repertory, extending onward to the era of Scarlatti & Soler, performed on harpsichord:

Spanish & Portuguese Harpsichord
Sophie Yates
Chandos Chaconne 0560

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