Dowland: Consort Music

Music with her silver sound
Martyn Hill / Anthony Rooley / English Consort
Turnabout 34443 (LP)


  1. Coperario: Fantasy in F
  2. Bull: In nomine
  3. Campion: Turn back you wanton flyer
  4. Johnson: Away delight
  5. Jones: What if I seek for love of thee
  6. Pearson: Look up, fair lids
  7. Byrd: Fantasy no.2 "Browning"
  8. Byrd: Come to me grief forever
  9. Ferrabosco: The dovehouse pavan
  10. Ferrabosco: Almaine in F
  11. Ferrabosco: Fantasy in G
  12. Holborne: Prelude
  13. Holborne: The tears of the muses
  14. Holborne: Hey, ho, holiday
  15. Jenkins: Pavan in G
  16. Jenkins: Fantasy in C
  17. Wigthorpe: I am not, I, of such belief
  18. Coperario: Fantasy "Io piango"

Performers: Martyn Hill (tenor), Anthony Rooley (lute); Catherine Mackintosh (treble viol), Richard Nicholson (treble & alto viols), Trevor Jones (tenor viol), Sheila Marshal (tenor viol), Elizabeth Goble (bass viol)

Playing time: 56'

Production date: 1971

Information from Berkeley catalog & Jorge Salazar.

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Todd M. McComb