Vox Vulgaris

The Shape of Medieval Music to Come
Vox Vulgaris
Vox Vulgaris 01 [CD]


  1. Stella Splendens
  2. Saltarello 3
  3. Cantiga 166
  4. Rókátanc
  5. Cantiga 213
  6. Ghaetta
  7. La Suite Meurtriére
  8. De Jordiska Fröjdernas Paradis (after Bosch)

Performers: Jon Cullblad (percussion, hurdy-gurdy), Rasmus Fleischer (recorder, shawm), Joel Lindefors (cittern, shawm), Max Persson (bagpipes, percussion)

Playing time: 37'

Release date: 2003

Information from Massimo Miglietti & Discogs.

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Todd M. McComb