Extreme Singing

Extreme Singing
La Rue Requiem and other Low Masterpieces of the Renaissance
Vox Early Music Ensemble – Christopher Wolverton, art. dir.
Ancient Voice Records 002


    Pierre de la Rue? (d.1518)
  1. Absalon fili mi

  2. Pierre de la Rue (c. 1460-1518): Requiem (Missa profidelibus defunctis) (4-5vv)
  3. Introit: Requiem
  4. Kyrie
  5. Tract
  6. Offertory
  7. Sanctus / Benedictus
  8. Agnus Dei I/II/III
  9. Communion: Lux Aeterna

  10. Pierre de la Rue
  11. Plorer, gemir, crier / Requiem (4vv)

  12. Jean Mouton (d. 1522)
  13. Quis dabit oculis notris

  14. Pierre Moulu (?1484-c. 1550)
  15. Fiere Attropos / Anxiatus est (5vv)

  16. Gaspar van Weerbeke (c. 1445-after 1516)
  17. Stabat Mater dolorosa / Vidit speciosam (5vv)

Vox Early Music Ensemble
Reggie Mobley (countertenor/alto), Wendall Bloom (countertenor/alto), Brian White (tenor), Jordan Sramek (tenor), Paul Tipton (baritone), Aaron Larson (baritone), Timothy Krueger (baritone), Daniel Farwig (baritone), Mark Dietrich (bass), Glenn Miller (bass)
Christopher Wolverton, art. dir. & Whitnie Crown, ex. dir.

Playing time: 53' 07"

Recording site and date:
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Ann Harbor, MI, USA [2011 or prior];
Rel.: 2011

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