Venus' Fire

Venus' Fire
The Renaissance Players - Winsome Evans, dir.
Walsingham WAL 8004-2


    Etienne de Maux / Snave Pluckplayres, 20th c., Codex Snaviensis*:
  1. Carole mon maris jalos*

  2. Raimbaut de Vaqueiras:
  3. Kalenda Maya

  4. Anon.:
  5. Souvent souspire

  6. Anon.:
  7. La uitime estampie real

  8. Jehan Erars:
  9. Au temps pascor

  10. Marcabrun:
  11. L'autrier jost'una sebissa

  12. Kate Napper / Snave Pluckplayers, 20th c., Codex Snaviensis:
  13. E.lla mia dona sogliosa - Istampita Anarchista

  14. Anon.:
  15. Domna, vos pos chausida

  16. Anon., 20th c., Codex Snaviensis*:
  17. Pos qu'ieu vey la fuella - Carole la fuella*

  18. Anon.:
  19. Amors m'art con fuoc am flama

  20. Anon.:
  21. La quatre estampie royal

  22. Heinrich von Morungen:
  23. Ich hort uf der heide

  24. Anon.,20th c., Codex Snaviensis:
  25. Chorea awstra tenenti

  26. Anon.:
  27. Quant ay lo mund consirat

Playing time: 62' 18"

Performers: The Renaissance Players [Winsome Evans (folk whistle, treble and alto shawm, sinfonye, portative organ, harp, psaltery, tambour à cordes), Ingrid Walker (recorder), Benedict Hames (rebec), Katy Ward (vielle), Andrew Tredinnick (ud, mandora, gittern), Llew Kiek (gittern, divan baglama), Andrew Lambkin (tapan, darabukka, daireh, tabor), Barbara Stackpool (castanets, tambourine, rattles), Jenny Duck-Chong (mezzo-soprano), Mara Kiek (alto, tapan), Mina Kanaridis (soprano), Tobias Cole (countertenor), Geoff Sirmai (poetry reader)] - Winsome Evans, dir.

Recording site and date:
St. Peters, Sydney, Australia [1992/3]

Other releases (identical, first and re-releases): This is the original CD release

Other releases by this group: As of may 1997, Renaissance Players has recorded 7 CDs for Walsingham records; a complete list can be found at Walsingham WAL 8003-2 The Muses' Gift

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):18/2-464 (november/december 1994)

Information from owned CD. Items identified (*) with Codex Snaviensis are from a compilation of newly composed melodies, mediaeval in style and structure and dance rearrangements of pre-existent medieval melodic fragments. The program is based on the whole idea that performing secular music of the 12th and 13th century is a memory-based matter. The memory acts as a "light switch"to open up a larger whole. Creation in a memory based environment. The basic theme is dance with a loose definition embellished with "minstrellish little notes". The result is pleasing, the authenticity, certainly opened to discussion. One artist, Mara Kiek is closely associated also with Stevie Wishart's Sinfonye Ensemble.
"Venus' Fire" is the second of six CDs recorded in 1992 as part of the 25th anniversary (Silver Jubilee) of the Renaissance players.

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