English Virginal music, 1570-1650

Musick as befitts a Quene
English Virginal Music: 1570-1650
Edward Parmentier
Wild Boar 9102


  1. Gibbons: Prelude in a
  2. Byrd: Fantasy in d
  3. William Inglot: Variations on "The Leaves bee greene"
  4. Anon: Alman
  5. Philips: Pavane
  6. Philips: Galliard
  7. Farnaby: Fantasia
  8. Tomkins: The Lady Folliott's Galliard
  9. Farnaby: Tell me Daphne
  10. Gibbons: Fantazia of four parts
  11. William Tisdall: Pavana Chromatica
  12. Anon: Allemanda
  13. Byrd: Pavana Lachrimae
  14. Anon: Chi passa per questa strada?
  15. Byrd: Pavan Tregian
  16. Byrd: Galliard Tregian
  17. Bull: Pavane
  18. Bull: Galliarde
  19. Anon: Passing Measures Pavan
  20. Anon: Passing Measures Galliard
  21. Byrd: My Lady Nevell's Ground

Playing time: 74'

Recording date: June 1991

Instrument: Harpsichord Keith Hill (after Ruckers 1640)

This is another excellent collection, with a high percentage chosen from the most serious pieces of the era, balanced against a broad range of composers & styles. The performance frequently adopts a reflective mood, lingering on inner voices; the instrument itself has a very bright tone.

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Todd M. McComb