Dowland - Ayres for 4 Voices, Vol. 2

John Dowland - Ayres for 4 Voices, Vol. 2
The Golden Age Singers
Westminster XWN 18761 [LP, mono]
Westminster W 9603 [LP, mono]


    John Dowland:
  1. Shal I strive with words to move
  2. Lend your ears
  3. A shepherd in a shade
  4. Flow not so fast
  5. Away with these self-loving lads
  6. Come when I call: dialogue
  7. Farewell, unkind
  8. All ye whom love or fortune

  9. ----
  10. Think'st thou then by thy feigning
  11. Rest awhile, you cruel cares
  12. By a fountain
  13. Come, ye heavy states of night
  14. Toss not my soul
  15. Say, love
  16. If my complaints
  17. Were every thought an eye
  18. Burst forth, my tears

Playing time: ??' ??"

Golden Age Singers [Margaret Field-Hyde (soprano), Elizabeth Osborn (soprano), John Whitworth (counter-tenor), René Soames (tenor), Gordon Clinton (baritone)] with Julian Bream (lute), Edith Steinbauer (treble viol), Beatrice Reichert (tenor viol), Frieda Litschauer (tenor viol), Ernst Knava (bass viol) - Margaret Field-Hyde, cond.

Recording site and date:
London, England [1958 or prior];
rel. 1958

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