Dowland - Ayres for 4 Voices, Vol. 3

John Dowland - Ayres for 4 Voices, Vol. 3
The Golden Age Singers
Westminster XWN 18762 [LP, mono]
Westminster W 9619 [LP, mono]


    John Dowland:
  1. Faction that ever dwells
  2. Tell me, true love
  3. Love stood amaz'd
  4. Go, crystal tears
  5. What poor astronomers
  6. Weep you no more
  7. I must complain
  8. Sweet, stay awhile

  9. ----
  10. Clear or cloudy
  11. If that a sinner's sighs
  12. My thoughts are wing'd with hopes
  13. Now, oh now, I needs must part
  14. Where sin sore wounding
  15. Thou mighty God

Playing time: ??' ??"

Golden Age Singers [Margaret Field-Hyde (soprano), Elizabeth Osborn (soprano), John Whitworth (counter-tenor), René Soames (tenor), Gordon Clinton (baritone)] with Julian Bream (lute), Edith Steinbauer (treble viol), Beatrice Reichert (tenor viol), Frieda Litschauer (tenor viol), Ernst Knava (bass viol) - Margaret Field-Hyde, cond.

Recording site and date:
London, England [1958 or prior];
rel. 1958

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