Music of Medieval England

Between March and April
Music of Medieval England
The Sherwood Consort - Mary Devlin
Winged Horse Music 510


  1. Say me, viit in the brom (4 voices)
  2. Ar ne kuth ich sorge non (voice, recorder, harp)
  3. I must go walke the wood so wilde (voice, vielle, lute, percussion)
  4. Stantipes (vielle, lute)
  5. Me lykyth ever (2 voices)
  6. Danger me hath unskylfully (voice, recorder)
  7. I rede that thu be joly and glad (2 voices)
  8. Trewe, on wham is al my tryst (2 voices)
  9. Ductia (harp, organ)
  10. I have set my hert so hy (2 voices)
  11. Miri it is whil sumer ilast (voice, harp)
  12. Worldes blis (voice)
  13. Ye have so longe keepyt O (voice, vielle)
  14. Nobilis humilis (organ)
  15. Dance (bagpipes, vielle, gittern, percussion)
  16. Fuweles in the frith (2 voices)
  17. Bryd one brere (voice, recorder, vielle)
  18. Gabriel from hevene-king (voice, vielle, bagpipes, harp)
  19. Stantipes imperfecta (vielle, gittern)
  20. Sumer is icumen in (4 voices)
  21. Wynter wakeneth al my care (3 voices)
  22. Missal Estampie (recorder, vielle, 2 harps, gittern, percussion)
  23. Bituene Mersh and Averill (6 voices, 2 recorders, vielle, harp, gittern, percussion)

Performers: Margaret Davis (harp, recorders, voice), Mary Devlin (voice, lute, gittern, small Pictish harp), Thomas K. Dye (bagpipes, percussion, voice), Leyla Shira Kammen (vielle), Paul Keaton (voice), Lee McRae (portative organ, recorder), Nannette Silva (voice), Victoria Varieur (voice), Renée Fladen-Kamm (vocal director)

Playing time: 51'

Recording dates: January-April 1996 (San Francisco)

This is a nicely conceived performance with a bardish style, highlighting the distinction of the English repertory at the time.

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