Long Time Ago

Long Time Ago
Medieval, Renaissance and Early American music
The Quadrivium - M. Montgomery, dir.
Woodbine Records W377QD1 [LP]


    Anon., 15th c.
  1. Jam Christus ab inferis

  2. Anon., Chant, Russia, 17th c.
  3. Budzi imya ...

  4. Anon., Chant, 15th c.
  5. Tropus super Regina

  6. Anon., Chant, Russia, 17th c.
  7. Gospodu ...

  8. Anon., Italy, 15th c.
  9. Lauda: De la crudel morte de Christo

  10. Anon., Provence, 13th c.
  11. Song of Eve

  12. Anon., Provence, 16th c.
  13. Les pasteurs de la Judea

  14. Anon., Spain
  15. Folksong: Brincan y bailan

  16. Anon., Italy, 16th c.
  17. Lauda: Christus factus est

  18. Alfonso el Sabio: Cantigas de Santa Maria
  19. CSM 340: Virgen Madre

  20. ----
    Anon., The Sacred Harp, 1859
  21. Narrow Space

  22. Anon., Shaker
  23. Colovin

  24. Anon., Shaker
  25. Verdant Groves

  26. Trad.
  27. Staten Island

  28. Anon., The Sacred Harp
  29. The Hebrew Children

  30. Anon., The Southern Harmony, 1854
  31. Long Time Ago

  32. Anon.
  33. Nancy Wells

  34. Anon., The Social Harp, 1855
  35. The River Jordan

  36. Anon., The Sacred Harp
  37. Wondrous Love

  38. Rev. Robert Lowry, pub. 1895
  39. Beautiful River

The Quadrivium
Performers: Rosalind Brooks, Derek Burrows, Margot Chamberlain, Hildur Colot, Hannah Davidson, John Fleagle, Janet Fuchs, David Gay, John Gintell, Jill Gleim, Peter Guarnaccia, David Levy, Lisle Kulbach, Margaret Raines, Gray Rieger, Sue Robbins, Jay Rosenberg, Benjamin Steele, Frank Wallace
Instruments: Viols, rebec, double bass, guitars, lute, mandolin, oud, harps psaltyery, flutes, recorders, accordian, soprano shawm, alto schawm, tenor dulcian, bass dulcian, alto sackbut, bass sackbut, cornett, lysarden, drums, tambourines, glockenspiel, bells, miscellaneous ...
Maureen Montgomery, dir.

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [Winter 1976, Spring 1977]
Rel.: 1977

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