Songs, Dances and Laments from the Age of Elizabeth I

Ah, Dear Heart...
Songs, Dances and Laments from the Age of Elizabeth I
Rose Consort of Viols, Annabella Tysall
Woodmansterne 002


  1. Orlando Gibbons: Ah, dear heart
  2. Anthony Holborne: The Image of Melancholy
  3. Holborne: Ecce quam bonum
  4. William Byrd: La Virginella
  5. Gibbons: Fantasy à 4 for the Dooble Bass
  6. Byrd: Though Amaryllis dance in green
  7. Gibbons: Fantasy à 3
  8. Gibbons: Fantasy à 3
  9. Gibbons: What is our life?
  10. Holborne: The Funerals
  11. Byrd: Ye sacred muses
  12. Gibbons: Now each flowery bank of May
  13. Holborne: The Fruit of Love
  14. Holborne: Almain
  15. Holborne: The Fairie-Round
  16. Byrd: Come to me grief for ever
  17. Byrd: Fantasy à 3
  18. Byrd: Fantasy à 3
  19. Byrd: In fields abroad
  20. Byrd: In Nomine
  21. Byrd: O that most rare breast

Performers: Annabella Tysall (soprano); John Bryan, Alison Crum, Sarah Groser, Elizabeth Liddle, Susanna Pell (viols)

Playing time: 66'

Release date: 1993

Information from Tomas Boij.

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Todd M. McComb