España Eterna

España Eterna
Five Centuries of Music from Spain, 1200-1700
Jordi Savall, et al.
Warner Classics 0190295 69956 7 [CDx11]


  1. Cansós de Trobairitz
  2. Songs of Andalusia
  3. Llibre Vermell de Montserrat
  4. Jewish & Christian Spain (I+II)
  5. Die Instrumentalvariation in der Spanischen Renaissancemusik
  6. Renaissance music in Naples
  7. Cabezón: Spanische Instrumentalmusik zur Zeit Karl V
  8. Songs and Dances from the Time of Cervantes
  9. Ortiz: Recercadas del "Tratado de Glosas"
  10. El Barroco Español

Reissue (compilation) date: 2018

Information from retailers & Discogs. (The latter appears to be confused regarding the contents of the 10th disc, devoted to Ortiz, substituting instead the Astrée contents.)

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Todd M. McComb