Clemens non Papa/Palestrina

Clemens non Papa: Requiem / Palestrina: Missa Lauda Sion
Cappella Palestrina - Maarten Michielsen
Wijnand van Hooff/Erasmus WVH 121


    Clemens non Papa: Requiem
  1. Introitus
  2. Kyrie
  3. Offertorium
  4. Sanctus
  5. Agnus Dei
  6. Communio

  7. Palestrina: Missa Lauda Sion
  8. Kyrie
  9. Gloria
  10. Credo
  11. Sanctus
  12. Benedictus
  13. Agnus Dei I
  14. Agnus Dei II

Performers: Lize van Jaarsveld, Marian van der Heijden, Siri Thornhill (sopranos); Paul v.d. Bernt, Richard Zook (tenors); Wim-Jan van Deuveren, Samuel Zuend (baritones); Kees de Bruin, Donald Bentvelsen (basses)

Playing time: 40'31

Recording date: August 1993 (Rotterdam)

The beautiful Requiem of Jacobus Clemens non Papa demonstrates the range of the composer's typical styles, containing sections written in imitative counterpoint, straight homophony, and the sort of lightly decorated homophony which was to become a hallmark of Lassus' writing. Palestrina's mass is based on his own setting of the Lauda Sion sequence.

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Ted Dumitrescu