Musiques nomades - Nomadic Music
Disques XXI-21 Records CD 2 1432


    Anon., Macedonia
  1. Zensko oro

  2. Anon., Hungary
  3. Zzar csiriklyi

  4. Anon., Greece
  5. Karagouna
  6. Omorfoula
  7. Erinaki
  8. Bals de Smyrne
  9. Tha tragoudíso Agaliná

  10. Anon., Albania
  11. Danse de Neri Bey

  12. Anon., Italy
  13. Ballo della sposa

  14. Anon., Basque country
  15. Arin, arin

  16. Anon., Spain
  17. Batribában

  18. Alfonso el Sabio: Cantigas de Santa Maria
  19. Cantiga 159: Non sofre Santa Maria
    Anon., Spain (Galicia)
    Dance: muñeria
  20. Alalá muiñeria

  21. Anon., Brittany /Quebec
  22. Marche et air du galant

  23. Anon., Brittany
  24. Ronds de Loudéac

  25. Anon., Acadia
  26. Le rosier de trois couleurs de roses

Playing time: 53' 19"

Strada [Pierre Langevin (clarinets, flutes, bagpipes, voice), Pierre Tanguay (side drum, darbouka, jaw harp, string drum, percussion instruments, voice), Liette Remon (violon, clarinet, voice), Gabrielle Bouthillier (voice, flutes, Poitou oboe), Jean-Philippe Reny (guitar, irish bouzouki, braç)] & Guy Ross (ud, voice), René Lussier (guitar).

Recording site and date:
Studio 270, Montreal, Canada [2001 or prior]

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