The Cantiga Project

The Cantiga Project
The Cantiga Project
Yemayuzika ASCAP (no number) [CD]


  1. Poder a Santa Maria (CSM 185)
  2. Gran dereite de seer (CSM 56)
  3. El Rey de Francia (sephardic romance)
  4. Santa Maria, strela do dia (CSM 100)
  5. Ben sab'a que pod'e val fisica celestial (CSM 179)
  6. Por nos, Virgen Madre / Night's Horizon (CSM 250 / S. Heidemann)
  7. Santa Maria loei e loo e loarei (CSM 200)

Playing time: 43' 16"

The Cantiga Project
Stephanie Heidemann (vocals), Chris Rosser (dotar, cumbus oud, guitar), River Guerguerian (percussion), Julian Douglas (percussion)

Recording site and date:
Hollow Reed Arts, Asheville, NC [2005];
Rel. 2005

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