The Medieval Street Band

The Medieval Street Band
The York Waits - James Merryweather, dir.
Private Issue cassette, no label name or number


    Gautier de Coinci, d.1236
  1. Hui matin a l'Ajournee (2 shawm, nakers,)

  2. Anon., 14th century, Fr.
  3. Desolata Mater/quae nutritos/Filios enutrivi (2 shawm, slide-trumpet)

  4. Anon, 13th century Fr.
  5. Ductia (hurdy-gurdy, citole, recorder)

  6. Anon, 13th century, Spain
  7. Villancico (flute, Jews harp, tabor)

  8. Anon, 13th century, Fr.
  9. La Quinte estampie Real (citole)

  10. Pierre des Molins, 14th century
  11. Amis tous dous (2 recorders, hurdy-gurdy)

  12. Richard Coeur De Lion
  13. Ja nuns hons pris (cowhorn)

  14. Raimbault de Vasqueiras
  15. Kalenda Maya (nakers, tabor, bagpipe)

  16. ----------
    Alfonso X, 13th century, Spain
  17. CSM-10: Rosa das Rosas (recorder)

  18. Colin Muset, 14th century, Fr.
  19. Quant je voy yver retorner (bagpipe)

  20. Anon., 14th century, Italy
  21. La Manfredina (tabor, gemshorn, tambourine)

  22. Anon, 13th century, German
  23. In Gediebris alier (nakers, recorder)

  24. Peirol, 12th century, Fr.
  25. Del sieu tort farai esmenda (voice, hurdy-gurdy, lute)

  26. Anon, 13th century, Fr.
  27. Novus miles sequitur (2 shawms, slide-trumpet)

  28. Anon., 14th century, Fr.
  29. Hare Hare Hye!/balaami (2 shawms, slide-trumpet)

  30. Anon., 13th century, Eng.
  31. Brid on a brere (bagpipe)

  32. Anon., 13th century, Eng.
  33. Estampie (recorder, hurdy-gurdy, nakers, tambourine)

Playing time: 32

Performer: The York Waits - James Merryweather, dir.
[Tim Bayley, James Merryweather, Anthony Barton]

Recording site and date: St. Oswald's Hall, Fulford, York [1982 or prior]

Comments: Information from owned cassette. This issue was probably the ensemble's first recording effort and available only locally.

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Jon Stringer