Graphical Concert Index

This is an experimental page. I hope you find it useful. As stated, the basic idea is to select a location and get back a list of nearby EM concerts.

A few notes on how this works:

Aside from these factors, I hope it will be helpful. The only concern I really have is this: on a map this size, how easy is it to find & specify a location with sufficient accuracy? Obviously, someone more familiar with geography will find it easier.

Of course, feel free to use the ordinary text listing as it is really just as useful, aside from glamour. Maybe at some point the number of listings will be so large that the graphical index will be more than a curiosity.

Finally, feel free to supply me with URLs I might have missed. Because of the nature of this index, I can only use listings which take place at a specific site or region, but of course I'm happy to link in other sorts of concert listings onto the text index.

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Todd M. McComb
July, 1996