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One of the goals of the FAQ project had been to include comprehensive links to related resources at other web sites. Instead of making one long, difficult to parse list, we opted to divide links by category. Although this classification scheme is helpful, it can also lead to confusion. The present index is intended to make it easier to find any link on the site, wherever it may be.

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See the site map for a similar outline listing of local content.

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This search form can be used if you are looking for a specific link at the Early Music FAQ and are not sure where it might be listed. A list of links will be returned, together with the pages on which they are cited. This is for remote links, whereas local pages can alternately be found on the site map.

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Recommended queries are single words only. There is no complex search ability available (or needed, given the relatively small number of links, around 2000). There is currently no general text search, although there is one for the CD database.

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