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This is an "under construction" and for now a deemed complete discography of the Ensemble Anonymus

Ensemble Anonymus was founded in Québec City in 1978 and headed by Claude Bernatchez. With a creative approach based on research into historical background, Anonymus productions center on various themes, examining both the sacred and secular aspects of life in the Middle Ages. Anonymus concerts have included Inventio, La Rue des jogleors, Adventus, Llibre Vermell, Le Monde des goliards, and Noël, Paris, Notre-Dame, many of which have been broadcast nationwide on the CBC network. Stage shows such as Li Jus de Robin et Marion and O Fortuna, which combine medieval texts and music with period stagecraft, have received public and critical acclaim in major cities in Canada, the USA and Europe.
(Excerpts from the booklet Tempus Festorum)

I tried to list titles according to their label and release dates. In the linked section, I followed the tracks order of the recording. The number appearing before the entry refers to an original recording; if no number appears it is a compilation. Any comments could be directed to my E-mail address ( Credit for any significant contribution will be given at the end of the discography.

Pierre-F. Roberge

  1. Siscom SC 04-208 [LP]
    Rec.: 1982

  2. Siscom SC 03-426 [LP]
    Musique médiévale et renaissante –val and Renaissance music
    Rec.: 1984

  3. Analekta AN 2 8001 or Analekta "Fleur de Lys" FLX 2 3055
    Llibre Vermell - La route des pèlerins de Montserrat: Chants et danses de pèlerinage en Catalogne au XIVe siècle / Pilgrimage songs & dances of Catalonia at the XIVth century
    Rec.: 1993

  4. Analekta AN 2 8002 or Analekta "Fleur de Lys" FLX 2 3056
    Rue des Jugleors - Jongleurs, ménestrels et goliards de Paris: Musique instrumentale et vocale du XIIe au XIVe siècle / Instrumental and vocal music from the 12th to 14th century
    Rec.: 1994

  5. Analekta AN 2 8003 or Analekta "Fleur de Lys" FLX 2 3070
    A la Via! Médiévales de Québec
    Rel.: 1995

  6. Analekta "Fleur de Lys" FLX 2 3106
    Tempus Festorum: Musique médiévale au temps de la Nativité / Medieval music for the Nativity season
    Rec.: 1997

  7. Analekta AN 2 9816
    Le Chant de Robin & Marion - The World of Robin & Marion: Chansons et motets au temps de Adam de la Halle / Songs and Motets from the time of Adam de la Halle
    Rec.: 2004

  8. Analekta AN 2 9780
    Joyaux médiévaux - Jewels of the medieval era
    Rel.: 2006

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