Classical era composers

Given that I have various other sections, from medieval & Renaissance music to modern music and even world traditional music, it seems about time to stop having a big "doughnut" in the center and add a few remarks on the core Western classical tradition.

Like many people interested in these areas, this is where my interest first developed, and even if I have relatively little enthusiasm left for the old standards, I do still value much of the common practice music.

As usual, I will recommend some works and recordings. At this point, it is pure vanity, since there are undoubtedly many more informative sites on this subject.

For now, pages for three composers:

Aside from these brief lists, there can be entries into other sections. Namely, there is the list I have done for Bach under the heading of early music:

And among modern composers, two whose styles represent a direct continuation of those of the above composers are:

Beyond that, maybe I'll do some discussion of my reactions to other standard repertory classical composers. As many of you have seen in other contexts, I have rather many remarks in the area, even if they are oriented toward someone whose focus is elsewhere.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 17 March 2000