Brahms: Symphonies

Brahms: The Four Symphonies / German Requiem
Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique / The Monteverdi Choir - John Eliot Gardiner
Monteverdi Productions / Soli Deo Gloria 702-6 (5 CDs)


  1. Symphony 1
  2. Symphony 2
  3. Symphony 3
  4. Symphony 4
  5. German Requiem (SDG 706)

Playing time: 367'

Recording dates: October & November 2007, August 2008, October 2008

I am anticipating that these recordings will eventually be packaged into a single unit, and so created this page. At the time of this writing, however, they must be purchased separately.

Personally, I am not that taken with the German Requiem, so am not including it. Likewise, the accompanying materials on the Symphony discs are interesting in a historically illuminating manner, but aren't compelling in the sense of coming back to them for routine listening. Gardiner is approaching the symphonic writing as derived in strong measure from choral writing, both by Brahms and earlier composers, and I think this is a very worthwhile approach. However, this item is really here for the symphonies.

The packaging for these recordings is a hardcover book with a strong spine, and a sleeve inside it for the disc. Although they are pretty, I don't find the packaging to be very practical. Getting the CDs in and out isn't terribly easy, and seems prone to scratching.

Although these are all live recordings, there is no crowd noise apparent in the productions. Sound quality is excellent.

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T. M. McComb