Pérotin & L'École de Notre Dame

Pérotin & L'École de Notre Dame, 1160-1245
Ensemble Gilles Binchois - Dominique Vellard
Ambroisie 9947

This Notre Dame program, the lastest at one time, returned to repertory in which Ensemble Gilles Binchois had already had notable success in each of the two previous decades. Here, not only are more of Perotin's major works recorded for the first time (by the present ensemble), but there is a more aggressive rhythmic style buoyed by experience. Whereas their earlier recordings on Harmonic remain appealing for their smoothness (& historical position), the greater angularity expressed here is a welcome development for the Notre Dame discography.

This disc was named my EM Record of the Year for 2004. In the meantime, if anything, the performance has become more electric.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 24 August 2018