Chansons subtiles à la fin du XIVè siècle

Fleurs de vertus
Chansons subtiles à la fin du XIVè siècle
Ferrara Ensemble - Crawford Young
Arcana 40

This recording appeared at a time when Ars Subtilior releases were appearing in close succession. For now, I will simply retain my original comments below.

While providing a followup in the same mold as their previous release, the Ferrara Ensemble has improved their connection with the music here. While not featuring individual works of great impact, the program here is more substantial. It is amazing how much fine music was written in this style, and it is exciting to discover it.

The technical execution is superb, buoyed especially by a natural increase in experience, and I enjoy the basic pitch layout. It doesn't have quite the level of detail of Huelgas or Mala Punica, but I prefer the overall texture with more lute and alto voice.

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Todd M. McComb