Dufay: Chansons

Dufay: Mille Bonjours!
Diabolus in Musica - Antoine Guerber
Alpha 116

Dufay's chansons continue to be of very high interest, and this is perhaps the best program -- aside from the complete set, of course -- to date. There are many outstanding items here, reconsidered a bit in their performance approach. Songs from this era, generally, continue to be quite enjoyable to hear again & again.

The performance by Diabolus in Musica is quite a good one, with an impressive sensitivity to the material, as well as a welcome sonic variety. I might not have chosen to include purely instrumental tracks, personally, but the keyboard performances are stimulating. The voices are, at times, a bit overwrought for my taste, but the overall flow of the songs remains very good. There is good energy, although at times I believe it should arise more from the counterpoint than being "forced" by the soloist. That masks a certain amount of transparency & rhythmic bounce which give many of these songs their unique character. What we have here, however, is a very professional & accomplished rendition, which has thankfully not been a slave to earlier visions.

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Todd M. McComb