Dunstable hymns

Cathedral Sounds - Dunstable
Sacred music of the late English Gothic
Clemencic Consort - René Clemencic
Arte Nova 34055

This is another fine program devoted to Dunstable, and manages to capture some engaging elements that are lacking in other performances, mainly the long continuity of the lines. Several of the tracks are quite compelling, and the typical English style of the period is conveyed well.

The performance is excellent, with a clear articulation and superb phrasing. It is perhaps a little too restrained at times, but is otherwise first-rate. It is nice to see Dunstable receive this extra attention of late.

The organ sections also have their points of interest, and the performances here are also excellent, but they are not a significant feature for me. It might be preferable to have the vocal & organ sections separate.

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Todd M. McComb