Les saints dans la polyphonie parisienne

Sanctus !
Les saints dans la polyphonie parisienne au XIIIe siècle
Diabolus in Musica - Antoine Guerber
Bayard Musique 308 422

Beyond the low tessituras, and the relaxed pace of performance, this recording includes a bit of instrumental accompaniment on some tracks. The occasional harp or percussion complements the voices nicely.

This is at least Diabolus in Musica's third recording (across 17 years) devoted to the Notre Dame School — depending on how broad one wants to be in assessing what makes for a Notre Dame program. Their interpretive style comes off as very sophisticated at this point, and the recording is very much a pleasure to hear.

Perhaps despite the sophistication, there is also a raw power unleashed in this interpretation, reminding us that much of this was ritual music, and moreover the ritual of a particular sub-civilization at its height. This is its most compelling contemporary realization to date.

I enjoy the low voices, the tuning & sense of ensemble are excellent, and the (period) cadential ornamentation is executed in compelling fashion. The only possible complaint is that this program seems so short.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 22 June 2015