Josquin: Messes de l'Homme armé

Josquin: Messes de l'Homme armé
Métamorphoses - Maurice Bourbon
Calliope 9441

This is a very lucid performance of two of Josquin's most famous masses. Although these works, and much of Josquin's music generally, are not personal favorites, they are very prototypical examples of his style. The Super voces musicales mass with all of its technical virtuosity is contrasted with the calm & sophistication of the later Sexti toni setting. They are both individually worthwhile.

Previously I liked the Sexti toni better, but with this quality rendition, the acrobatics of the closing of the Super voces musicales really come through impressively.

The interpretation is exceptionally easy to follow. Everything is clear... phrasing, articulation, rhythm, tone, texture.... Some of the details aren't quite there compared to yet another generation of interpretations, but it's a great introduction.

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Todd M. McComb