Italian Music from the Trecento

Stylems - Italian Music from the Trecento
Egidius da Francia, Bartolino da Padova, Don Paolo da Firenze
Ensemble Syntagma - Alexandre Danilevski
Challenge Classics 72195

This program turns to some little-recorded Italian composers of the period, and illustrates some interesting styles that offer a bit of contrast to those of Landini et al. (Their second program is very similar in many ways.)

The performance is both cogent and nicely expressive. There is a good variety of instrumentation, used sensitively to enhance the vocal lines, or at times in an instrumental rendition. The recorder playing is virtuosic at times, evoking some of Mala Punica's work, although without the same feeling of idiosyncrasy.

This recording presents a good complement to those of Micrologus which otherwise dominate this portion of the list, and represents a significant but understated milestone in the development of performance practice.

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Todd M. McComb