Arcangelo Corelli: Opera Omnia
Accademia Bizantina - Carlo Chiarappa
Europa Musica (Koch) 350.202 (9 CDs)

There are many performances of Corelli, of course. Opus 3 is my favorite set, and I could probably be happy with keeping only a recording of that. Nonetheless, the complete set is welcome and I'll be keeping it here for now at least. The trio sonatas show a definite high point in the style, and remain engaging chamber music. The other pieces are nice too.

Besides being complete, the present performances are still the best around. When I first heard these performances, I considered them superlative, especially in the trio sonatas. Now, with more attention having been given to the earlier Italian 17th century violin repertory, I think some things have emerged which would allow these interpretations to be improved upon. Still, I haven't seen it yet.

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Todd M. McComb