Binchois: Plaints

Les plaints de Gilles de Bins dit Binchois
Ensemble Graindelavoix - Björn Schmelzer
Glossa "Platinum" 32102

This is obviously a very interesting program, the longest yet devoted to Binchois' songs. The interpretation combines both novel and conventional elements, making for a production that pushes the envelope a bit but yet remains very recognizable as songs we know & love.

I must add that I really enjoy the occasionally featured sonority of the harp on this recording. At other times, once one is accustomed to it, against all logic, the interpretations seem almost dull. This comes back to my initial reaction, namely that the performance was not as adventurous as I expected. Still, it is of more than a little merit, and sounds increasingly natural on repeated listening.

Actually, although it's too resonant, my estimation of the interpretations on this recording has only grown over the years.... I should write new comments here.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 28 February 2021