Confréries - Devotional songs by Jaikes de Cambrai

Devotional songs by Jaikes de Cambrai
Graindelavoix - Björn Schmelzer
Glossa 32108

This is another notable recent program featuring the trouvère repertory. It might seem foolish to list a program devoted to Jaikes (or Jaque or Jacques), given that his songs are largely derivative of other composers. This is a reasonable criticism of the value of this program, although the ensemble chose it to illustrate aspects of the way medieval art (broadly speaking, particularly around architecture) was conceived.

However, basically, it is the outstanding interpretation that means I must list this item. Perhaps later we will have such a quality recording devoted to such as Gace Brulé (and we already have Thibaut), or other "more original" composers, but for now, this is one of the best places to hear this repertory.

The challenge this project & program make to modernist conceptions of art & originality is also worthwhile at the conceptual level.

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Todd M. McComb