Obrecht: Missa O lumen ecclesiæ / Missa Malheur me bat

Obrecht: Sacred Music
Missa O lumen ecclesiæ / Missa Malheur me bat
Ars Nova Secunda Chorus - János Bali
Hungaroton 31772

This is was the first "modern" program of Obrecht's major works, and the latter mass is certainly among his most characteristic, giving it continued merit. The other items are also of interest, if less so.

The performance was groundbreaking, showing great command of the music. Although I am not generally in favor of ensembles of this size, they manage to achieve articulation which is more clear than smaller ensembles have done here. The phrasing is forceful & expressive, while maintaining the flow of Obrecht's music over longer structures. It is very impressive, and not the least bit shallow or tentative.

This first item in what turned into an impressive series is still worth listing.

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Todd M. McComb