Le Jeune: Airs & Pseaumes

Le Jeune: Airs & Pseaumes
Corvina Consort - Zoltán Kalmanovits
Hungaroton 32189

This program is taken from posthumous publications, showing some of Le Jeune's most advanced work in his unusual "measured" style of verse. This is easily the most interesting program from these late sources, although there are literally hundreds of pieces which could be recorded.

The music can be quite thought-provoking, and represents the summit of a particular sort of Renaissance musical idiom which disappeared about as quickly as it began. These pieces remain engaging to me, although not a truly passionate interest. The secular works offer more points of interest than do the psalms.

The performance is good, with a very necessary clarity. At times the blend seems wrong, but at other points, it works to good effect. The important declamatory sections are handled well, with a fine sense of rhythm & projection.

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Todd M. McComb