Magister Leoninus

Magister Leoninus - 2
Sacred Music from 12th century Paris
Red Byrd / YorVox - John Potter & Richard Wistreich
Hyperion 67289

Leonin is one of the two biggest names for Notre Dame polyphony, the style which dominates the era. His historical legacy is impressive indeed, although one can never be entirely sure what are his works and what are the works of others. A program of Notre Dame polyphony highlighting this portion of the repertory is welcome, and this one consists of quality music from beginning to end.

The performance is excellent here, building on this ensemble's previous recording. The previous recording was also of good quality, but the material is so essentially similar that it seems unnecessary to list more than one. In this second volume, one can perceive the performers' increased familiarity and command. Phrasing is more confident, and articulation is clearer, especially in the handling of lower lines.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 21 December 2006