Missa "Puisque je vis" / Motets

Dufay: Missa "Puisque je vis" / Motets
Binchois Consort - Andrew Kirkman
Hyperion 67368

Although this mass is ascribed to Dufay on the present program, the ascription is purely conjectural, and unlikely to ever be proven one way or the other. The accompanying motets, most not by Dufay, are also a definite part of the value of this program.

The mass was originally ascribed to Dufay based upon its resemblance to his Missa Ecce ancilla Domini, one of my favorites. The present mass is also nicely melodic, with a compelling sense of form.

Compère's Omnium bonorum plena is also a piece of distinct interest, and the anonymous motets present interesting features in a Busnoys-style idiom. Dufay's own motet also receives a more sophisticated treatment here.

Indeed, the entire performance is of high quality, with a fine sense of counterpoint & detail. Now superseded by their Se la face ay pale recording in overall accomplishment, this was the first Binchois Consort recording which really impressed me.

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Todd M. McComb