Tye: Consort Music

Tye: Complete Consort Music
Linn 571

The next paragraph is duplicated exactly from the file devoted to Savall's recording. The following was prompted by the Spirit of Gambo recording. The next is new.

This music continues to be stimulating. Despite the relatively few themes, there are a wealth of ideas, and the treatments are satisfying. The complete program is very welcome.

When Tye's music first appeared, it was unclear to me how much other, comparable music might appear. The answer is basically none. It is unclear to me, given the rest of his output, why Tye should have been the person to create such an iconic series of variations (and some other appealing pieces, such as long-time favorite Sit Fast), but nonetheless here we are.

Phantasm does it again. I prefer not to let one group of performers dominate sections here, but this is simply a wonderful interpretation of some great & original music. It's all one could want.

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Todd M. McComb